Gravity Colonics


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    Why Choose Gravity Colonics?

    In the past 100 years and maybe even throughout history, colon hygiene has been misunderstood. It takes great personal honesty to face oneself in the mirror of life. All healing hinges upon whether or not an individual makes the choice to look and see the splintered pieces of the soul or not. The physical body is the springboard for the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Because in these times the pollution factors are so high: foods are full of chemicals, skin care products are loaded with chemicals, the air is full of poisons, and many parasites are very common, all these toxins that load up the body energize the other bodies to behave in a toxic manner.

    Remember the law of attraction, “Clean attracts clean and toxins attract toxins.” So if the physical body is clean, it will contribute to the positive state of the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. If the physical body is very toxic, then the same applies. What needs to be addressed at this juncture is this, do you believe that your body is very polluted or not? Even though our templates are so unique, the violations of hygienic practices of old are common to us all. Our bodies are all made up of the same organic substances and poisons erode that organic substance in the same manner. No one human being is an exception to this. The only difference to each human being is if and how they decide to go in and heal that corruption. It is truly a disservice to a body to do all those wonderful detoxifying modalities like saunas, foot baths, massage, clearing, herbs, etc., and recirculate the die-off through all the organs and systems and NOT continue to fully release them OUT of the bowel completely with colonics! All the steps need to be completed.

    The whole digestive tract from mouth to anus is legally an external organ, which means it is necessary to clean it. This places colonics in the hygiene category. This is NOT a medical procedure. You may clean your bowel in the privacy of your home as little or as much as you like. Just as it is your business what you choose to put into your mouth, it is your business what you decide to release from your body cavity. The foundation of a human being’s health is seated in hygiene and cleansing.

    What once was allowed to accumulate and transform into putrefaction and death in a body can easily be removed routinely with colonics so that the accumulation of putrefaction is stopped and never progresses further.

    Thousands, even only hundreds of years ago, healthcare was never big business. People intuitively cared for their bodies. They did not ask permission from anyone to seek their wellness. They just went down to the river and cleansed. Also you will find in documented history that herbs and foods were used medicinally. Yes, we are thankful for emergency care, and elective surgeries that may give us better quality of life for a shorter period of time. But that is no replacement for the proper stewardship principles that were designed for our highest blessing. Stewardship for our Temple holds the signature of the DIVINE. Any process that violates your free will concerning your healthcare is in direct contradiction to the truth. If we are ever forced by law to do anything against our free will concerning our healthcare, we are certainly being violated. God never violates our free will. He will even allow us to harm ourselves, because He has set the ground rules up that way. He will not violate His will or word to us. He will give us what we want, good or bad. So really would man think that he had the right to do something God would not do?

    Colon Irrigation

    Take a look at the labels on food items. You will notice a long list of ingredients. Some of them are quite poisonous: isopropyl alcohol, wood alcohol, yellow 5, benzene, titanium, etc. Yet this poisons are FDA approved for our consumption and use. So it’s nice to know that we are not breaking the law when we are ingesting these poisons! So why would we be breaking any laws by removing these poisons out of our body cavity with hygienic practices of old? It is simply an internal bath, no different than an external bath, in theory, and in practice. If you have never experienced an internal bath in your lifetime, then you would probably need many of them quickly in order to remove the built-up matter—eventually leading to a very clean slate and optimally functioning body. This process is truly internal exfoliation.

    You are the co-creator of your life; you create it by every choice and action that you take and those you do not take.*

What a Colon Hydrotherapy session is Like.

95% of clients are pleasantly suprised that the session is not anything like their preconceived apprehensions. Soft soothing music is played. A gentle abdominal massage with manual lymphatic technique stimulates peristalsis and helps eliminate gas. Essential oils are applied to the abdomen for gas and parasites.




What causes a difficult session

If the client is dehydrated, it may take 3 sessions to soften the hardened dehydrated waste. Constipation with poor bowel tone can feel uncomfortable the first session. Excess gas will interfere with peristalsis and the client may experience more cramping. A stickey mucoid plaque will require a few sessions to remove.

Any inflamation will create a sensative response to colon hygiene. Stress or exhaustion will affect the colon. There are millions of nerve cells in the colon. The colon is very much a part of the mind-body connection. Any emotional issues of “not letting go” may cause the colon to “hold on”

Even though these are challenges to colon irrigation, the benefits far outweigh the difficulties. Clients find the therapy very beneficial.

It’s Simply The Most Gentle and Effective Method there is! iact

With our gravity-centered colonics, the results are dramatic but the process is not traumatic. Gravity-centered colonics allow for the simultaneous intake and exit of water throughout the treatment. This prevents water retention and discomfort, especially for those with weak intestinal tracts. The simultaneous exit of water guarantees an effective, calm, and healing experience. Most people’s reluctance to try a colonic comes from the fear of large quantities of water entering the body. Gravity-centered colonics (based on the Woods Gravity Method) create a release that is always twice as strong as the intake. Pay attention to your body during the process and you’ll realize you’re much more aware of what’s leaving than what’s entering. Our therapists are “present” throughout the entire process, utilizing abdominal and energy-transfer type massage during the treatment. The importance of a transitional diet to cleanse the body properly is strongly emphasized.

Source:  Debora Lee Meehan, CCH
Published in Heath and Wellness Magazine: June/July Issue 2003